If you have a business bachelor degree from a German institution, you are requested to log into the THM application portal - open from July 1 to August 20 due to C-19. In step 2 you submit via postal delivery your documents to the THM student administration. They will forward the documents to the MAIM program office.

If you have a Non-German degree, you have to apply for WS 20 via UNI-ASSIST until July 20 - extended deadline due to C-19. For WS 21 the deadline will be June 15. At least the applicants can announce to send in singular documents later.
(Please note, this winter semester the program lectures will start in November due to C-19! ).

Further information regarding the uni-assist-application procedure can be found in the document "Information for International Students" in the Download-section "Info for Foreign Students" and directly on the uni-assist webpage.

ATTENTION: We recommend to submit your application to UNI-ASSIST at least a few weeks before deadline. In case of an application dossier with formal deficiencies, this will offer you sufficient time to hand in missing documents or to respond to enquiries.




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